We do not promise perfection, but we do guarantee excellence in service outcomes

From our methodology through to our revolutionary cleaning equipment and techniques, Advance Enviro-Clean (AEC) is Australia’s 100% environmentally friendly commercial cleaning company striving to set new benchmarks in technology and service standards.

A clean work place environment is a productive one and while traditional cleaning practices provide a surface solution they fail to provide a totally hygienic or holistic answer.AEC has sourced the latest in cleaning technology from across the globe to significantly improve the cleanliness and hygiene of your work place, while meeting your water, energy and carbon footprint responsibilities.

If you have ever experienced inconsistent levels of service with past cleaning providers then you will appreciate our globally recognised ISO integrated management systems that provide best practices for consistent and reliable service outcomes.We are focussed on training our staff on optimum cleaning methodology to make sure they consistently deliver a job well done. We work with our staff to give them as much information as possible so they fully understand your business and feel empowered in their role.

Delivering excellence


One Stop Shop for your FM service requirements

  • Commcerial Cleaning
  • Sanitary & Hygiene Services
  • Testing & Tagging of Electrical Equipment
  • Emergency Lighting Audits & Repairs
  • Outdoor sporting surfaces (for schools and sporting organisations)
  • Car park line marking
  • Industrial sweeping
  • Painting
  • Plumbing

AEC can provide and manage your FM scheduled maintenance

Seven steps to a clean start…

No more misunderstandings, broken promises or time wasted repeating yourself. AEC offer only professional and
accountable cleaners who get the job done.

  • During our initial meeting we will evaluate any specific areas of concern and areas of particular concentration.
  • We will sit down with you to map out your key areas of focus and document a schedule of works, determining the areas that need to be cleaned and specific tasks involved in that area.
  • During the planning stages we will prepare equipment, set up the storage area and draft a detailed site plan that offers a comprehensive layout of your facility, including operational sequencing, site access, alarm system, power point and light switch plans.
  • We draw up a Cleaning Specification to break down the job into specific areas, fine tuning what equipment needs to be used and what techniques need to be implemented.
  • We will then select an operator we feel is best suited to your business and conduct training to bring them up to speed with your special requirements.
  • We will then present you with a Schedule of Works, including periodicals, to give you a macro view of the contract. We will break it down so you clearly see the schedule as it stands weekly, fortnightly, monthly and yearly.
  • We commit to maintaining a close working relationship with you at all stages and to continually review our progress to make sure we are meeting your expectations.

We service everyone from high end corporate and multi national companies
to smaller office based business and everyone in-between.